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The association was established in the late 1950's, by a group of concerned people from the Caribbean. Their main concerns then, were overt racial discrimination in: employment, education, housing, social and other day-to-day problems experienced. Like many other similar voluntary organisations, we have lost some of our pioneering members, and the initial zeal to mobilise our people to articulate their concerns. However, a smaller but active group continues the work and strive to  address current needs and concerns. The Association has evolved and gained much respect and track record for delivering quality educational, social, cultural and vocational activities in support of community development. However, as the  socio-economic situation of the target groups' change, we struggle to involve young people and to widen the membership  pool. To this end, we invite all those who share our aim to join us and share the work in making the city of Wolverhampton a better place.

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West Midlands Caribbean Parents & Friends Association 2007

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